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Liverpool 5-2 AS Roma: Klopp had solutions, but Liverpool proved their weak point

  • Roma had territorial domination during the first 30’
  • Liverpool were able to exploit De Rossi and Strootman’s positioning on defensive transition
  • Klopp had offensive solutions against 5men defence
  • Di Francesco switched to 4141 for the last 30’ and Liverpool stepped back
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Salah and Firmino teared apart Roma’s back5

(0’ – 30’) Liverpool recovers low / Roma settles in opposite side

Against Roma’s 3412, Liverpool settled up defensively as usual:

  • Firmino would be central, cutting relation with defensive midfield
  • Salah and Mané would have to cut the relation between CBs and Wing backs
  • CMs Milner and Oxlade-Chamberlain were ready to press De Rossi and Strootman on the pass time
  • The backline was low and cautious against Dzeko aerial play

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